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This Web site was created to provide the K-12 teacher with some helpful links to integrate technology into the classroom.  Each section is either labeled K-8 or K-12 to specify the focus of the links.  Make sure to browse the newly created RSS Feeds section which is great for both teachers and students.  They were compiled over the past 9 years and used extensively by teachers throughout the United States. 

The music links page was featured recently in the Classroom Connect Connected Newsletter as a "goldmine." Chris Hofer Borror states, "this far-reaching resource links to all things musical.  If you don't have all the music instruments you'd like, let this become your one-stop virtual music store.

Originally, all of the links contained on this site were created for the East Rock Magnet School Web site in New Haven, CT of which I was the Technology Facilitator, Systems Engineer, and Webmaster for 9 years.  I recently retired in June 2006.

All files are updated on a monthly basis.  Please feel free to use these links extensively with your classroom and link this page with your school Web site.

Hint:  For PC users using Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2.0, right click on each link and choose "Open in New Tab" for IE and "Open Link in New Tab" for Firefox.  This will allow you to see each link separately and not lose your connection to this site.


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