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Web Sites to Enrich Elementary Math Curriculum


Problem Solving 
Figure This
-80 different math challenges for your students.

KidsPsych - an interactive web adventure for children for students ages 1-9, using creative problem solving and logic.

General Math Resources 

Cool Math

A+ Math

Student Resources 
Fact Monster Math

Creating Graphs 
Students' Classroom Create a Graph


Lesson Plans 
PBS TeacherSource Math Lesson Plans

Online Math Tools 
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics

Online Projects 
The WebQuest Page

Word Problems for Kids - Site with word problems for different grade levels (5-12).  Each problem has a "Hint," as well as the answer and how it was reached.

Census in Schools - The U.S. Census Department has developed a series of grade-specific teaching materials that can be used to explore the census.  

BEATCALC:   Beat the Calculator - This site is filled with mental tips to do quick arithmetic in your head.  It gives shortcuts for multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, squaring numbers and so on.

Brain Teasers - A series of math brain teasers for grade levels 3 -12.  The site is presented by Houghton Mifflin.

MathMagic! - A great site which provides strong motivation for students to use computer technology while increasing problem-solving strategies and communications skills.

Ask Dr. Math - Great for the middle school student with lots of questions and answers covering all areas of mathematics.   Students can also e-mail their own questions to Dr. Math.

Lemonade Stand - This is a great online game.   Players must run a virtual "Lemonade Stand," paying $0.75 per day to rent the space.  You must then decide how much lemonade to make each day, how much to spend in advertising, and how much to charge for the lemonade in order to make the most profit. - A real fun site for kids.  Try some online innovativegames like "Math Baseball" and "Change Maker."  It also has great games for spelling, grammar, etc.

Mathcounts - This site is the national math coaching and competition for 7th and 8th grade students.  It has various problems as well as information on the program.

Plane Math - A fabulous site that combines math with aeronautics.

History of Mathematics Archive - A good resource for mathematicalhistory.

Math Archives - The "Math Archives" is as the name implies.  It has many links to math related resources on the Web including every subject area.   This is great for both the student and teacher.

Absurd Math - A fun site to play "Absurd Math," which is a math-adventure game for pre-algebra students including games, puzzles, and logic problems. - A wonderful cartoon site that teaches the history of money, explains how the banking system works, and defines key terminology.  A 3-6 site.


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