Science Sites                                                            K-8

KidsHealth for Kids - Want to read something gross?  "What's earwax? Why do I have a belly button? What's a burp? You asked and we answered! Check out the answers to all your health questions."  Visitors to this site can also find out the meanings of expressions such as "Sick as a Dog" or "By the Skin of Your Teeth."   Some topics include: Dealing with Feelings, Staying Healthy, My Body, Growing Up, and Health Problems.   

KidsHealth for Teens - The same site as above, only for teens.   Some topics include: Teens Health, Your Body, Your Mind, Sexual Health, Food & Fitness, Drugs & Alcohol, Diseases & Conditions, and Infections.  

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet - Fun science site that doesn't hold back at all.  Very yucky indeed and not for the weak of stomach.

Athena Earth and Space Science for K-12 - Lessons and curricula dealing with several different areas of science like space, weather, earth, oceans and more

Monarch Watch - Talks about Monarch butterfly anatomy, migration patterns, etc.  Also compares and contrasts anatomies of butterflies and moths.

Welcome to the Mars Missions, Year 2000 and Beyond - For middle and upper grades, technical, and a very informative site.   Tells all the details of the Mars Pathfinder mission as well as the next three planned Mars missions.    Lots of diagrams, images and technical specs.

Welcome to WhaleNet - WhaleNet is an educational website, focusing on whales and marine research.   It has curricula and activities for teachers and lets students track the movements of whales and other marine mammals based on global positioning satellites.

Kaytee Discovery Zone - A well put together site with lots of good information about birds (habitat, anatomy, eating habits, etc.).  Discusses endangered and extinct birds and more.

PPS Nova Online - This site deals with numerous science topics.

Discovery Channel Online - A great site which has lots of interesting articles and activities for students and teachers.

Windows to the Universe - a fun and different web site about the Earth and Space Sciences.

Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page - A great site for young students.  It explains weather terms and concepts in easily understood terms.  You'll enjoy the "Ask Dan" Q and A section.

Sea World/Busch Gardens (Animal Information Database) - This is the official Sea World/Busch Gardens site.  It has lots of good resources and information about many types of animals.

Views of the Solar System - A very informative site dealing with the solar system.   It is written is 3 languages, namely, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Mad Scientist Network - This Web site is different than the others.   Basically, people e-mail questions and one of a network of scientists who contribute will answer it.   There are archives of questions, links and more.

The Why Files - You will find interesting news and archived articles about different issues and topics in science.

Nye Labs Online - Check out the always cool Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Science Whatzit - This site will try to answer your science questions...stumpers that you just can't find the answers to. - Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Physical Geography concepts are made easy...brought down to a kid's level!

Challenger Center Online - Resources and news pertaining to space science.

Dino Russ's Lair - A good site for dinosaur information and links.

Human Anatomy On-line - A place for fun, interactive and educational views of the human body.

Life, the Universe and Everything - a good science link site for biology, astronomy, geology, etc.

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit - an amazing site show the dissection of a frog.

National Geographic Online - Explore National Geographic Online.

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab - A source of free science experiments for parents, teachers and kids of all's cool.

Little Shop of Physics - A nifty physics site with experiments, brainteasers, answers to e-mail questions and more.

Living Things - This site has lots of good general biology info and links to tons of related sites.

The Great Plant Escape - Young kids can learn about plants by solving a series of mystery games.

CELLS Alive - This is one of the coolest science sites on the Internet.  See "movies" that explain how microscopic processes occur.

Web Elements - Periodic Table - An interactive Periodic Table on the Web.  Just click on any element and find its properties and other specific information.

Volcano World - This site has the latest reports of volcanic eruptions, volcano images, and volcano facts.  It even has video clips of flowing molten lava.

Wendell's Yucky Bug World - Meet Wendell the worm reporter who has the scoop on roaches.

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