Student/Teacher Resources                            K-12

Around the World in 80 Clicks - Boris Kester tells stories and shows pictures from several trips around the globe

City Net - A comprehensive international guide to communicate around the world

Yahooligans - a perfect and safe search site for kids using the Internet

Microsoft K-12 Resources - the perfect site for all your questions with Microsoft products and the integration/implementation in K - 12 education

The History Channel - a rich compilation of student and teacher materials dealing with programs broadcast on the History Channel

Ellis Island - Through America's Gateway - detailed photographs and audio clips recreates this historical site

My Virtual Newspaper - a current event junkie's dream

Time Magazine - the famous magazine online with latest events and news items

CNN Interactive - CNN delivers the latest world news and views

NASA - the space program with far-out facts, figures and photos

C/NET - News, features and reviews monitor the computer industry and the moving and shaking technologies that make it hum

The NewYork Times - the names says it all . . .

The Discovery Channel - fantastic lessons in history, science, nature, and much more

USA Today - another great newspaper online

Mapquest - an interactive atlas using electronic-mapping technology ... you'll have fun with this one!


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